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Thermally superior for healthier bees

Our beehives provide superior insulation and temperature regulation, creating an ideal environment for bees to flourish, while also contributing to the overall health and well-being of the colony


Rugged and rough Beehive Top

Ultra-high density: With triple the life of traditional timber beehives, our high-density polystyrene beehives will best the Australian outback.

Shipped flat-packed with easy setup: Our easy to follow instructions allow anyone to assemble their beehive with no hassle.

360 protective edge

Hive tool proof: The 360 protective edge enables the hive tool to be inserted anywhere around the hive body without damaging the beehive. 

Pest protection The 360-degree edge prevents pests such as ants and wax moth entering the space between boxes.


Feature rich Beehive Base

Foundation of the HiveIQ Beehive: The beehive base redesigned from the ground up, featuring our new entrance system, pollen collector and NFC integration.

Optimised for palletised beekeeping: Excels with our 2 hive stand for backyard beekeepers or 4 hive pallet for commercial operations.

3 stage entrance

The 3 stage beehive entrance can be configured to: optimise colony security; enhance in and out traffic.The entrance provides a flat floor, enabling fast and efficient removal of debris such as dead bees, chalk brood and pests.

Whether you're managing a backyard hive or a commercial operation, our beehives are designed to excel in any setting.
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