The Staff

Orange County Beekeeping Supplies, is owned and operated by BeeKeepers.  The Shop has been selling beekeeping supplies out of the same location for the last 25+ years. We sell everything a hobbyist beekeeper needs, and More.   Additionally, the local bee club houses its extracting equipment at the Shop, and it is available for checkout with deposit by current club members.


 bruce black 


Bruce lives out in the Chino valley area and has been keeping bees about 5 years. He really enjoys beekeeping and likes to share his experiences with bees. He has presented at the local bee clubs. Please come down to the shop and benefit from Bruce's experience.


rob stone 



Rob loves to make a guest appearance now and then. He kept bees when he was young and restarted again 12 years ago. He keeps about 20 colonies out in the high desert and has a bee yard in Irvine. Along with Bill, Bruce, and Gavin,  Rob uses the equipment the shop and offers suggestions on what equipment works the best locally.


Bill Gibson 



Bill lives locally and truly loves beekeeping. As a youngster he was introduced  to beekeeping by a neighbor who  kept 20 colonies on his rooftop. Years later, he was given a hive as a gift, and increased the count to six immediately. Today his apiary has 100 plus colonies in it, and supplies Nucs, bees, and brood for the Shop. Bill remembers what it's like to be a new beekeeper and has developed a great passion for helping new Beekeepers. 


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Gavin Gibson

Kid beekeeper at large.  Gavin is 12 years old and has been keeping bees with his dad for several years.  Gavin is our resident expert at queen spotting  (Young eyes).  If you can't find your queen, Gavin can. Gavin now manages 10 -17 hives depending what time of year it is. If you have kids, bring them down when Gavin is working. He keeps a stash of popsicles for youth beekeepers. 

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