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Queens Now Available- 9-22-23 This is the last week to order Queens for $60.00
We will begin our winter queen program.  Taking the newly mated queens and keeping them in actual hives that are smaller throughout the off season.  We feed these hives and check on them regularly.  It takes special care to have queens on hand during winter.   We have seen a high demand for winter queens. The stock the industry can provide has a minimum order size and air shipped from HW.  We see the laying capacity drops off quickly.  So larger numbers and expensive.  Our queens will be of the great stock we love from our trusted breeding partners. Remember in order to have a queen for you, in the off season, we have to manage pests, feed, inspect, and monitor the hives the queens are in.  An entirely other set of activities. So what is a fantastic queen worth in the off season?

Available for Purchase

Winter Rates May Apply

Queens- $60.00 (Pick up only)  

Brood Frames-Boost your hive or help re-queening.

Nucs- Seasonal Pricing. 

Honey- Whole Sale available. Pricing Varies 

Wax- Wax comes from honey cappings.

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