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Order your
Randy Oliver Nucs NOW!

       In Order to receive your Randy Oliver Nuc, payment in full must be made to reserve a Nuc.   $400 on a card. $375 cash discount.  You will be placed on a list and a Nuc hive will be reserved for you. We will run out, we always do. Randy Does Not Mark these queens. 

When starting beekeeping, choosing between a 5-frame nucleus hive (nuc) and a package of bees can significantly impact your experience and success. Here are several reasons why 5-frame nucs are considered better than a package of bees:

  •     Established and Inspected Brood Pattern: Our Randy Oliver Nucs includes frames of brood in various stages of development. This established brood pattern ensures a more immediate and consistent growth of the colony. It's a sign of a healthy queen and hive. Packages have none of this. 

  •     Presence of a Laying Queen: Our Spring Nucs come with a mated and laying Randy Oliver queens. This eliminants the acceptance period where the package bees can reject(kill) the queen. Our Nuc queens are already accepted, laying and working within the colony. 

  •     Comb Development: Nucs already have combs built on the frames. Building comb is a resource-intensive process for bees, requiring lots of honey and time. With a nuc, this step is already done, giving the bees a head start. Packages, there are NO resources for the bees. Packages are like going camping in winter with no tent, food, or water.  

  •     Reduced Absconding Risk: Bees in our nucs are already accustomed to their queen and their comb, so they are less likely to abscond (abandon the hive) compared to package bees, which are introduced to a new environment and a new queen.

  •     Earlier Honey Production: Since our nuc hive is more established, it can often start producing surplus honey in its first year, unlike a package which might need a year just to establish itself. Our Nucs can double in size in about a month.

  •     Less Feeding Required: Nucs usually require less supplemental feeding since they are more established and can begin foraging and storing resources sooner.  

  •    Disease and Pest Inspection: With our nucs, the inspection for disease and pests has already been done. Our bees are the only ones that we are aware of that have been treated for mites before you receive them. But you must continue to take care of the hive. There is no guarantee against mite’s or other pests in the hive.  There is no way to knowing what you are getting in a package. Package bee come straight out of almonds and are most likely not treated for mites. 

  •     Local Adaptation: Our Nucs are California nucs from California, not Florida or other states. Our Nucs spend the least amount of time on the road. We move them at night and it takes hours, not several days.  All other sellers just box up the bees and move them. This is when the hives get hot for days and the sperm deadens within the queens. 

  •     Success Rate: Those who buy our Nucs are way more successful as beekeepers, because their bees thrive instead of struggle and die. Yes, our Nucs are almost double the cost of a package of bees but you get-Double the bees-Quadruple the amount of bees in a month, Pulled Comb, Laying Queen, Eggs Larva and Capped brood( bees in all stages of life) and a queen out of Randy Oilers Queen Breeding Program.

  • No Need to struggle as a beekeeper.  

  • No need to fail as a beekeeper.

  • Do a Nuc-Do it right the first time. 

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