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Beautiful frame of honey, pollen, and, brood

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At Orange County Beekeeping Supplies we’re passionate about Honeybees and making our customers successful with raising bees and making honey. We dont sell everything available for beekeeping, just the highest quality items that work the best here in Southern California. We carry many items that are assembled here onsite, like wooden wax and wire frames.  Our metal hive stands are custom built for us. Our wood hive tops and bottoms are not the pine tongue and groove everyone sells that warp easily, but clear Douglas Fir, Cedar or Poplar not often used for hive components.  Our boxes, tops, and bottoms are both glued and nailed, something you wont get from the mail order stores.  Our painting is all done in-house, all equipment  is  primed and top coated, with tops all triple coated.  You will see and enjoy the difference. 



View of showroom for Beekeeping Equipment
Display case of small tools used for beekeeping
Showroom view of beekeeping equipment

Queens and Nucs

Nice 5 frame Nuc of bees ready for sale
Queen bee laying an egg. Photo courtesy of Stuart  Shim
Custom built queen bank frame 3 hole cages.
Nice 5 frame Nuc in Jester Plastic Nuc box ready for sale

We offer 5 deep frame Nucs during the Spring and Fall season for our customers. Our nucs either come from our own trusted hives, or in April each year we offer Nucs from Randy Oliver, Grass Valley, Calif.  All nucs come in either cardboard or corrugated plastic boxes, or pro nuc plastic boxes.  Nuc hives come with frames of brood, pollen and honey and a commercially raised queen from small queen breeders in Northern California. We think small custom queen breeders raise some of the best queens available from anywhere.  Nucs supplied by Randy Oliver come with his locally adapted and mite resistant stock. Randy's queens are unmarked.

NEW -  We have queen bees available on a weekly basis starting in April and running through September. And sometime longer depending on weather. 

Local Honey

A 1 pound bottle of 'Desert Gold' honey in front of a well weathered Deep Box.

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